Roller Blind No-Sew Assembly Table



The Roller Blind No-Sew Assembly Table allows you to move your production of no-sew roller blinds away from the roller blind table, increasing production. The table comes with an excellent clamp that grips the fabric along its full width. This makes the no-sew operation much easier, especially on wide roller blinds.

These tables are supplied with a set of 32mm saddles and a 32mm end tube adapter for Louverlite system. The machine required compressed air.

These tables are available in the following sizes:

  • 2.6mtr wide
  • 3.0mtr wide
  • 3.5mtr wide
  • 4.2mtr wide


Optional Extras for this machine include:

  • Mylar Tape Punch
  • Mylar Tape Reel Holder
  • Bambi Silent Compressor