Roller Blind Tables




Micro Pneumatics do a full range of roller blind tables. From a manual cut to electric crush cut with auto positioning, barcode reading and many other features.

Constructed with a sturdy aluminium frame, with 19mm hardwearing black melamine tops. The table includes front cradle rollers, a powerful pneumatic clamp that provides secure clamping and a full width, parallel moving backstop.

The sharp cut variation comes with rotation circular top blade running along a fixed bottom blade this creates a superb cut that can remove down to 1mm of fabric.

The crush cut variation comes with a rotating top blade that isn’t sharp, this is pressed with high pressure against a very hard bottom anvil. This gives a beautiful cut with a sealed edge.


  • Sharp cut and crush-cut available
  • Full width back-stop
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • Full width lightbox as an option
  • Sharp cut available in 2.6m, 3.1m & 3.5m
  • Crush-cut available in 3.1m, 3.5m & 4.0m
  • Electric cutter version as standard
  • Superb automated electronic positioning system available
  • Bar-code reader available
  • Long life sharp cut blades
  • Front cradle rollers

Optional extras for Electric Roller blind table

  • Front end  No-Sew
  • Rear end No-Sew
  • Light box
  • Electric moving backstop with touchscreen
  • Silent compressor